A Revolt Inside

Today I am glad, that I am this much aware that I am able to write this article. At first place it took me months to decide, whether I should come out with this story which I encountered months back.

I may sound gender biased, a feminist. But it’s absolutely fine, may be because I have encountered the scenarios in a much finer, detailed way, so I understand what exactly the reality is. It’s not that I mean “I-know-it-all”, it’s just that, “Yes-I have known and seen a lot, a lot more left unseen”, I AM NOT UNAWARE and above all, because I AM MYSELF A WOMAN, hence I have the right to take a stand on it.

We everyday come across stories of violence on women. We support such causes.I have always been one of them. A supporter for social issues.But,my question is how many of can actually support or fight for such issues,when actually subjected to such situations?

Few months back I learnt this lesson,that just saying you support,commenting on social networking on such social issues does not mean you are a feminist/supporter.If you truly are,if ever subjected to a live situation ,you got to have the presence of mind.

There was a couple who were our family friends.They wanted to sort their quarrel in the presence of our family.The husband being a powerful man was the dominating, with the wife as the submissive one.During the heat of the quarrel,the husband actually started abusing the wife physically.I and my mother being the only present there at that moment,tried the man to explain its not right.Asked him to stop,but in vain.I also myself got few punches in the process of guarding the woman.Thankfully ,the husband cooled down and we could stop the wrong happening,atleast for that time being.

I terrified, shared my emotional state to my Didi. I still remember her words, “Why are you crying??What does your generation think eh? That everything is beautiful and rosy in this world? Wake up!!!!This is what reality is!!!! Just saying that you are against Women’s violence is not enough! Face it, the things you said you fight for, are right in front of you now!!! Why are you hiding from it and coming to me to share your sorrow????? Fight!!!!”

Due to my family’s pressure, I couldn’t follow up that. Yes, I am guilty for it that I couldn’t take any legal action against that incident then and I am pretty sure there are many like me,carrying this guilt with them .

But yes lesson learnt, God makes you encounter and learn things that you are very much capable to handle I guess.So somewhere inside I know I am prepared to fight for this in every possible way setting an example.As Gandhiji said:Be the change ,You wish to see in the world.