Forgotten Secrets: Secrets that everybody knows


We women, many of us have dealt with situations where we have ended up being emotional fools. May be we forget to live for ourselves, forget our own worth and forget what we already know.

These things are those, which if she herself re-inculcates, she may not have to suffer that much.

Because as it said:  “God helps those who help themselves“.

  • Keep yourself engaged in things, other than your partner.

It will not only give you a sense of independence but also keep you away from getting mad about what your partner is doing, he isn’t around.

In short, create your own personal space, time and life. He is indeed a major part of your life; keep him as a PART of your life, instead of making HIM your LIFE. That personal space will be ONLY yours, nobody else’s. Do things what you love to do, that will be your ‘ME’ time.

  • I am not asking you to stop loving your loved ones unconditionally. But love them so only when your own conditions have been met.

See when a wife gets physically abused, she still hangs on to that relation may be because her love is unconditional and the husband’s nil. But she needs to understand that she will be able to love him all over again and again only if she is alive!!!!! I am not asking to hit him back, but at least try to save yourself. Gather a little courage and speak out, ask for help in some or the other way, instead of just tolerating it quietly.

  • Be a little strong, and learn to let go.

Okay now this is the root of all and may be the toughest too, for many of us. But if you excel it, you will be the happiest one.

See every living thing needs to breathe. You need to breathe; he needs to breathe; the plant in your garden, the animal sitting there on street. Every single living thing on this earth needs to breathe. If you try to trap it inside a closet it will die due to the lack of oxygen.

This applies to any situation, whether you are married, in a relationship or on a verge of a break up.

It’s always alright to give each other that much needed ‘Space’.

  • Learn to pull out yourself at the right time from that quicksand you are slowly drifting into.

There is a quote which I have been listening; I don’t know how many times (Goodness!!) whenever the topic love/relations come over

If you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you, it’s yours forever. If it doesn’t, then it was never meant to be. – Unknown

Well now the catch is, according to me, this quote is an absolute sh*t!

Why? Because at first place why are you making your decisions, your life, dependent on what the other person’s decision would be??? If the person has decided to go away at first place, whatever be the reason, HE WENT!! That was his decision, now it’s you to decide whether you are ready to accept him in your life anymore or not. He comes or he doesn’t, that’s a later part.

Make him understand that we don’t NEED them; we CHOOSE to be with them.

Unfortunately, most of the times we fail in the right decision making process and land ourselves into that never ending vicious circle of emotional roller coaster.

  • Last but not the least, stop being jealous of each other dear women!!!

Yes, it’s a hard fact, but yes it is! Most of us do get jealous of each other. That’s the biggest drawback ladies!!!

We all need to learn that strength is in unity, and nothing else. Stop competing with each other. Each one of us is beautiful in our own way. Just remain confident about who are. Remain your real self. And rest would follow .

And please! Please! Stop fighting over men (yes, many of us do it. Poor thing to say, but a hard fact again! sic). That’s the last thing on earth a woman should do.

I would give a laugh today on myself while I write this article, because I myself have no idea that with time, when and how I actually figured out these very basic yet vital things out. May be I among those lucky ones to who realised it and have got an opportunity to share it.

Just as too much of sugar leads to diabetes, and too much of watering of plant kills it, same is with real life human issues.

It is very important to remain balanced in everything. To know that how much are you giving in and how much are you getting back in return.


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