The precious gems of my life(A Thanking Note)


Now when a major glorious period of my life,the education phase has come to an end.I feel this thanking note is worth releasing.

Even after being one of the trickiest person to be dealt with,I feel lucky that even I have managed to earn a few precious gems of in my life.In this long run from school to masters,very few are left.But they are themselves so special that they deserve to be called so.

With these around,I have always felt the most pampered one(lucky me!),bringing out the most spoilt and naughtiest child in me!! (hahahaa)

I don’t know how many will still remain in the long run,but wherever they will be, will always remain my “Precious Gems”.

Gems from my school life:

The first and the oldest gem of all,the best friend in school.The gem which showed me my worth when I was the most unwanted personality(visually).The times when I looked my worst,but made me look the most special with the care I needed the most.Though now a dormant one,but still will remain a gem.

Then comes the one,that’s the little one among all,rather that’s the little me,”The Little Sukanya”.Always holds a special place in my heart.

Gems from my Graduation

These two have been my world in my graduation life.Being my support back in toughest times, making me realise,friends love you no matter how bad state you are in,doing nothing,but still things can go strong.

Gems from my Masters

An old gem,which taught me,real bonds remain intact even if you don’t get time to nurture them,and time and distance have no role in it’s depth.A small time of few months is enough for creating a foundation for a friendship of lifetime, no matter how distant you are.

And now these three last gems,with these three I fight the most,yet are the closest ones.Well once on hearing about these three,someone said “Oh!! You have almost the whole India!! North ,South,East all in one friend list!!”

The first one, the smallest,funniest and the most “vulnerable” of all.The entertainer,sharing a tom-n-jerry relation.Introducing me to the depths of a totally different religion.Wonderful experience it had been.

Second one,well this one is just so like me,in so many things!!Be it culture,name or language!!(hahaha) The one that pulled me out of the crowd and made me look one of the most beautiful woman in the college.Feels like home with it.

And last but not the least! The unshakeable,the quietest and the most patient of all.A gem so different from me in so many aspects yet the most understanding.The gem that has bought me back to me,to what actually I am.From a turbulent to a quieter waterbody.And yes,which made me realise,bondings can be created with language no bar.

A huge thanks to all!!