Why is it important to choose what you love as your career?

career love

Following up with what you love is one of the most ardent tasks for almost anyone, especially when it comes to the type of career you wish to pursue. Yes the society prefers their kids to choose the careers that are the most chosen one by the majority, such as to be a doctor, lawyer or an engineer. Choosing some off beat sort of career is definitely a bold step for any child, amidst of so much of social pressure. And even bolder and difficult than that is to choose a career that absolutely not in line with the degree you have been pursuing all your academic life.

It is a belief that such off beat careers don’t bring certain kind of security in the life of the pursuer. The fact now is that it is that time when such kind of offbeat careers are very much appreciated and are being welcomed by the work industry. Most of these careers like social work, painting, writing, photography to name a few have never got as much of encouragement and financial success in the past histories. But they no doubt have certainly received a nice level of recognition and have created a niche for themselves in the market.

What I feel is that one can be successful in his or her career no matter what the work is, only when the person has an absolute passion and dedication towards it. As there is a famous saying:

“When you love your work it doesn’t seem like a work to you, it becomes a fun thing for you”

When a person loves the work, the talent and the ideas flow out from within on its own. One doesn’t need to force it to get that perfect idea. The foremost reason why it isn’t wrong to choose them as a career is firstly, it gives you that self-satisfaction of fulfilling your own dream in your own way, secondly, no work is bad; they all are unique in their own way. And there are always fat chances of success in that particular line. Thirdly , taking up something that isn’t been done till now gives you a fair chance to encash the benefit of being the early bird in the industry of that line up.

Being a Masters in computer applications, working as a website content writer has one of the toughest journeys for me. Not because I had any difficulty and any kind of hindrances entering into this world of writers but the uneasiness was in the kind of reaction I got from my surroundings. Although it was a bit turn off initially, but at the end what I rounded up to was that it is not they who are going to work, it’s me who has to work on it for the long term. And how could I choose up something for a lifetime that I could never accept somewhere deep in my heart. It is like choosing someone as your life partner with whom your emotions never got clicked! Yes, I guess profession never plays a role lesser than a life partner, it comes into your life before your better half arrived in your life and would remain along with you till your last phase of life.

So therefore, it is very important for everyone to understand that it is always not the money you earn matters, they indeed come as a part and parcel of any job you do, but the level of satisfaction, the happiness you get with what you love to do, and above all the accolades for your work that come along with your good performance, has no substitute.