Who would benefit if Earth 2.0 starts having human life on it?


Recently, NASA astronomers have discovered yet another earth, Kepler 452b; a planet that seems pretty similar to our own Earth having conditions for a habitat to flourish. It has also been considered as the “closest twin” of the planet Earth.

Now just in case if the assumptions end up being true, who all would actually be benefiting out of the fact?

  1. The religious leaders: They would be the first to run in there in order to start the processes of religious segmentation. They didn’t spare Earth 1.0, how do you expect it in case of Earth 2.0?
  1. The Political System: The most uncoordinated, so called ‘coordinated’ body of any country or state. True it is that laws and order are very much vital elements required in order to conduct everything in a regulatory way. But unfortunately nowadays the politics has turned into much more than just law and order. It has rather made itself a perfect example of “the perfect chaos”.
  1. Industrialists: We cannot disagree a new planet altogether will give the industrialists a new place to exploit largely. Cutting of trees, global warming, pollution, acid rain and what not! Cycle of nature humiliation will start all over again.
  1. Discriminators: Discriminations. Racial discrimination, colour discrimination, caste discrimination, religious discrimination, gender discrimination and the list is endless, when it come to the kinds of discriminations happening all over the world. The discriminators will get yet another chance to spread their practice of spreading fear through the means of all sorts of discriminations.
  1. Corrupts: Last but not the least, the people who would benefit is corrupt people! The extent at which corrupts are widespread globally isn’t hidden from anyone. There is a famous saying:

“Power doesn’t corrupt people, people corrupt power.”

~William Gaddis

True it is, that it is man every time that has corrupted the power, thus where there are people, hardly it will be possible that there isn’t any corruption.

  1. Terrorists: The final call and result of all of these mentioned above is terrorism. Terrorism is nothing but the spread of terror or fear. The fear of losing power and gaining of power over the matters of global issues. The Earth 2.0 won’t also be remain safe for longer from the wrath of this term terrorism once it is truly stated as another Earth.

On a serious note, if the man doesn’t still wake up and get aware and sensible as well, soon apart from these there will be several other kinds of numerous events that will occur on that Earth 2.0 which would truly lead to serious implications on this new naive planet too.


12 thoughts on “Who would benefit if Earth 2.0 starts having human life on it?

  1. In all seriousness, I too am glad this planet is too far away from this brand of humankind to even get to it. I have many doubts this planet will survive all the damage humans have done to it. Perhaps Mother, in her Wisdom, knows this, and is planning a global way to make sure mankind is extinct. Wipe the slate clean for a couple of billion years to get things back to Pristine again. That probably would mean going back to the molecular state and all other forms of life would no longer be. Your post is one that shows me you THINK. Bless you! And so I followed. Thank YOU for following Petals!!! Love, Amy ❤

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  2. I feel the No.1 are the reasons behind everything, if they dont teach what is good and bad, we wont care at all about good and bad and we would be living happily like animals 🙂 So I feel they are the wise ones who create all chaos on the earth and they must be punished 🙂 there wont be other things if no.1 guys are not there 🙂 we all will be happily living in the jungles and will enjoy the nature 😛


      1. I think you din’t get full meaning here, ok let me explain, It’s not really I meant they are wise, it’s a flattery or cajolery deception of expression towards them. They say themselves they are wise people but I don’t think so, and they define the rules of men’s life. Like the employee should be like this, business men should do this, a wife should do this and hubby should do this, a teacher should do this, and all should worship a god and all that, finally they put a imaginary world of hell and heaven, and people start terrorising in the name of getting there( I hope you got what I meant). And thus the religious people started the No.1 criminals of all the problems now and thus they made a business out of this. You know this is how we do business now, artificially making a decrease in supply and increase in demand.
        I hope I making you more confused 🙂 hehe.

        final note is: No.1 people started created a business for themselves and keep the business running for years ( does any animal has any religion and do they have any immoral activity?, do they marry every year? or do they change girl friends or boy friends? but still they are living a moral life without any religion.)


      2. Haha, well it seems it must have had been a tough time for you participating in debates. Coz as this explanation seems to be fluctuating over notions. Nevertheless, thanks for spending your valuable time as well as energy in the explanations.
        Have a nice day! Cheers! 🙂

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