Diplomacy: A tool to rule the world or a tool that rules the world?


I somewhere always had a wish to be a part of external affairs and become a diplomat professionally. I remember myself expressing this dream of mine, to one of my friends. But nevertheless I landed up being a writer! (Psst!, Though I am really loving this.)

But it isn’t that this dream of mine hasn’t fulfilled. Yes! It has indeed come true; though I am not a diplomat professionally, but entering the work life started teaching what diplomacy is all about.  Suddenly one day I realized even I can become into one of the kind ‘characteristically’.

Now what exactly is diplomacy? In normal definition, the word diplomacy is termed as “a skill of negotiating, especially between states or the people”. So this stuff is not only carried out on political level basis, but on a social level as well.

I probably feel every second ‘diplomatic’ person is a diplomat in his or her own way, handling relations tactfully, which is surrounding their own lives. I never personally favoured this particular element of the society. Neither this write-up of mine is an ‘against’ or a ‘for’ motion stuff on diplomacy or diplomatic people. This is simply a light thrown on all I came concluded as the time passed by.

  • It’s nothing new; it has always been a part of the society, it still is and will always be till the end of the time.
  • Probably the happiest and smartest is the one who excels in diplomacy. (May be that’s why this is something implemented in sorting out the world’s biggest international matters, so somewhere this is really not irrelevant)
  • Practice makes man perfect, especially when it comes to the art of diplomacy.
  • Nothing on earth is pure black or pure white. It’s actually all ‘grey’ and how you use your ‘grey matter’ in dealing those ‘grey matters’ (Pun Intended) with DIPLOMACY is the key to all!
  • Last but not the least; Diplomacy is not only the tool that is being used in ruling the world, but also a tool that RULES the world.

So either to excel in it and be a part of the game or stay out of the game and go with the flow as and where the tides take you along! Choice is all yours. As it is said, “Nothing in the world is completely wrong. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day”.


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