Your dog might just be taking away all your emotional and health issues


I myself never thought of penning down an article on this topic until I lost my dog due to cancer. It took me weeks to come out with the news of her loss, rather many of my friends still don’t know until now. I chose not to share it; to announce this as somewhere deep inside she hasn’t really gone from our lives, she is still there present in our hearts.

It isn’t hidden that dogs indeed have been opted for treating people dealing with mental and health issues. Several researches have proved they can actually sense your emotions.

The major reason to this is, dogs understand non-verbal communication and human’s 90% communication is non-verbal. You may even try this sitting in front of your dog and see how it reacts with every change of your facial expression. Petting an animal causes the release of endorphins (a feel good neurotransmitter) which puts an extremely positive impact over the patients dealing with depressive disorders.

In history too, there have been cases where the dogs have been seen taking away all the health problems and depressions away from the master. Such powerful is their love for their masters. They mirror all your anxiety, depression and illness.

My dog has been the center of our family and why not, that life gave us all the love and affection we have ever wanted to have from somewhere outside or may be from someone else. It may sound weird but yes somewhere deep inside I have the guilt that it’s my share of sorrow and depression my dog took away.

Sometime back I had been dealing with lots of issues in my own daily life; it’s not that I have never dealt with any. Rather every time I have been in a troublesome situation my dog has remained besides me as my saviour. But this time it was pretty different, rather huge. Issues sprouted up from almost every side and section of my life. I even thought of quitting my job at one point. That is the time when by sweetheart, my doggy was diagnosed with cancer.

It may be a mere coincidence but yes the series of events did happen simultaneously.  Even while we took our dog to the chemotherapy sessions, the doctor informed us that a major part of healing depends on our state of mind, because technically our mental state affects the dog’s as well.

Generally everywhere there are write-ups about why and how dogs are used to treat the human depression. But somewhere the things go other way round as well. You may be making your dog sick. Your mental state is affecting your dog’s health. If you care for your dog in true sense, its healthy to stay happy for you as well as your dog.

So stay happy as much as you can. Not just for your own health and well-being, but for your loved ones, regardless of who it is; human or an animal.


5 thoughts on “Your dog might just be taking away all your emotional and health issues

  1. Amazing !! I believe in every word you have written. I can understand the feeling you going through. Since I have gone through the feeling of loosing my favourite Dog. Never had a pet. But used to visit my uncles place to meet him. And the love and affection he would shower would be unconditional. And they indeed can sense your emotions. Those are the happiest moments of the life. Would love to have a pet!! In near future. Hopefully. Tc gal

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  2. I’m sorry for your loss. I have had many dogs and it is hard to say goodbye to every one. I do believe that dogs can feel our feelings, but in helping us feel better, they feel better too. I bet your dog had a good life, not perfect, because no one’s life is perfect, but good and felt your love.


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