Mantra of being a happy late bloomer: The early bird catches the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese!


There is always a flower in the garden that always blooms much later than the others. Similarly, there are people in life who are generally the late bloomers in various facets of their life. They tend to achieve things in life, a bit late than the usual.

I have always been one such late bloomer all my life. In every aspect of my life, I admit I have been a pretty good late bloomer.

Usually it is said: The early bird catches the worm.

But, would like to remind another quote: ‘Blessed is the Second mouse for he shall inherit the Cheese.’

So, even if you aren’t on time where you are supposed to be like the others, it is absolutely alright.

The life has a nice plan for you, need not fret about it. Have faith in the supreme power or at least on yourself (in case you are an atheist.) The right things happen at the right time, in the right way.

All my life, at every step life has taught me this simple fact. Be it my admission in a good school, graduate or post graduate college or getting a job; Every phase I was taught the same thing. The right and best for you, comes at the right time and in a form that is perfect for you.

I won’t boast saying that I got what was the best. Rather, I would say, I got what was best for ME.

Probably, that is why I am happy and contented right now, with what I have in my life. And above all, I value it because I got it after a lot of yearning for that particular stuff.

Being a late bloomer also has a lot associated which are not rosy, at all. People initially may consider you useless (chuck). Most of them leave considering that you don’t have a future, only few shall stay. Many will mock you, as well.

But, in this entire process, one good thing that you may learn is: to stay strong and stand for what you feel is right. NO MATTER WHAT.

In history as well, some of the biggest personalities have been regarded as the late bloomers. So, there is simply nothing to be embarrassed of, if you are one of them. IT’S ABSOLUTELY FINE.

It’s your life, it’s your journey. Live it the way you want to live it. Rest shall follow.

Well, there is another secret reason why I simply love being a late bloomer. I LOVE GIVING SURPRISES!! (Wink). Try having a look of the faces of the people once detested you. You shall know why I am saying this. (Winks)

Being a late bloomer gives you a chance to check and test who are your truest friends. The real ones are gonna stay no matter what. So, go ahead and be a proud Late Bloomer!!!!




Flush out that love darling!

Banksy Graffiti Art

Flush out that love darling.

It’s too much love that you have inside you.

Love that is making you sick and nothing more.

The giddiness is all because of that love.

A love so much, that isn’t digestible by anyone.

You must throw out, flush out that love darling.