Cinderella in the city


You have your dreams settled on me.

But O prince! There are unsaid things that haunt me.

I am not what you know me as.

I am not the daughter of the kingdom you know me of.

I belong to another kingdom.

The king you know holds the most prestigious place in my life.

The princess you know, is the Cinderella you have heard of.

Who wore the magical slippers and came to the ball that day.

Now that you fell in love with the Cinderella , what shall you do?



Santa with the Big Apple


When I was a little girl,

I believed in Santa Claus, the earl.

I had a unique bond with him

He bringing gifts every year with a whim.

Never did I know it was my mother who kept the gifts.

Every year, I eagerly waited for those specials beside my pillow into the socks

More than the gift, it was the moment that fascinated me

One day I came across the truth-There was no santa.

No santa means No gifts.

Somewhere I believed my Santa existed stuck up in major rifts.

Gone far away to distant land

Until One day, my Santa came back with a bang.

From that distant land, he sends me small gifts every day

The times are modern, so are his ways.

No he doesn’t come on a sleigh

Rather chooses the path of ‘swish and sway’

Sometimes stars, sometimes raffles

Sometimes wines and sometimes with the Big apple!