Santa with the Big Apple


When I was a little girl,

I believed in Santa Claus, the earl.

I had a unique bond with him

He bringing gifts every year with a whim.

Never did I know it was my mother who kept the gifts.

Every year, I eagerly waited for those specials beside my pillow into the socks

More than the gift, it was the moment that fascinated me

One day I came across the truth-There was no santa.

No santa means No gifts.

Somewhere I believed my Santa existed stuck up in major rifts.

Gone far away to distant land

Until One day, my Santa came back with a bang.

From that distant land, he sends me small gifts every day

The times are modern, so are his ways.

No he doesn’t come on a sleigh

Rather chooses the path of ‘swish and sway’

Sometimes stars, sometimes raffles

Sometimes wines and sometimes with the Big apple!


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